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Painting Prepared


There is much a homeowner can do to help their painting contractor begin the project smoothly. Below are some helpful tips and information about getting started.

Choosing the right contractor,


CCP owner Gilbert, always advises customers get at least three qualified estimates before choosing their painting contractor. This way our customers know they have made the right choice and can feel comfortable during the painting process.


Helpful Tip: Ask your estimator if they are the project painter or just a corporate owner, the difference can affect the quality of your painting design.

Preparing the project area,


Making sure your space is ready for the painting contractor to begin applications can not only help save time, but can also make sure your personal effects are taken care of.


  • Remove any objects or decor from walls

  • Clean out cabinetry before refinishing

  • Make sure furniture and other items are either removed from the painting areas or are collected to the center of the room for proper coverings by painting contractor

  • Have a safe and comfortable place for any inside pets

Deciding on color,


Finalizing your color before the project begins is important for full satisfaction. CCP offers three color samples to better help with choosing the tone, hue, and proper shade.


If the thousands of color choices are hampering your design plan, visit our services section and learn how CCP can assist you.

My Paint Colors

Scheduled Projects:


Have you scheduled your painting project with CCP? Submit your color selections here for a smooth begining to your project.

Color Selection Form
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