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Lead the Competition.


As a leading painting company based in the Sacramento area, CCP understands the importance of efficient project management and how necessary project organization is to a better return on your investment. Our design services are specified to current market trends to best highlight your property against the competition. 

Color Consulting


Potential buyers will have a more relaxing experience touring a home with attention to visual detail. Soft warm tones help smooth transitions between interior spaces.


CCP uses quality products from Sherwin Williams. We can provide detailed information on which types of materials would be best for the finished painting application.

Project Management


Our project managers have over ten years of qualified experience to make sure every CCP design is efficiently completed. CCP operates under a detailed schedule to stay within our clients preferred time frame.


Our in house account management team is available for direct assistance and provides updated project information.


Home Finishings


CCP networks with other leading professionals in the home improvement industries. We can arragane for a compelete home finish to make sure your listed property stands out for potential buyers.


Finishing Services Include:

- Landscaping

- House Cleaning

- Handyman Services

- General Contracting Services

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