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Finding the right painting contractor

So you’re ready to start your painting project,

Now it is time to find the right painting contractor to complete the project. Knowing where to find the right pro is a great way to start your design in the right direction.

1.) Go to the source - Going directly to a local paint supplier, your local Sherwin Williams for example, can help narrow down your many choices. The store employees usually have a better idea of who the real professionals are in town.

2.) Finding a reputable company - The cluster of tradesmen offering their services online can make choosing a great contractor a needle in a hay stack. Try going to the Better Business Bureau or helpful sites like Yelp to personally qualify the painting contractor.

3.) Ask a friend - Most painting companies grow their work from referrals. Asking your friends or family if they have any recommendations will help keep your search short and sweet.

4.) Look around - Going to work or dropping the kids off at school every morning usually places you around the same hustle and bustle of the early commuters. When searching for a painting contractor take a look around and see if you start to notice any regular contractors. If they are out and about that is usually a good sign they are staying consistent with projects.

We hope this helps with any hesitations you may have about choosing your contractor.

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